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Testimonials From our Clients

January 2013

Being new to town, I found Phatty Nattie's to be the perfect place for me to meet people with positive attitudes and healthy lifestyles. Along the way, it has instilled in me the confidence that has been missing for so long. Now, 2 years later, I am more addicted than ever. In fact, it is the one thing that I look forward to most in my day. The class options are so diverse, and the instructors are top notch! Through Phatty Nattie's, I have gained lifelong friends and a way of life that is 100 percent focused on my health and well-being. Thanks, Phatty Nattie's for making group fitness so rewarding!

December 2012

I have been going to Phatty Nattie's for over 3 years and have never regretted it one bit. I was a member of various gyms but got bored quickly. I finally found what works for me: group fitness! With the monthly change of routine and music, workouts never get boring. I have met many great friends at Phatty Nattie's. I can finally say, "I like working out."

November 2012

I have tried and failed to lose weight so many times but, this time is different! This time I can see something different in myself! This time working out is not a chore—I like to do it! I even worked out twice today! Watching The Biggest Loser, very motivating! Hard work and determination!

July 2012

Phatty Nattie's has been a lifechanging thing in my life. I had never really worked out before I found Phatty Nattie's. Sure, I tried DVDs at home but never had to commit to anything. So it was easy to talk myself out of working out. Phatty Nattie's is amazing! I actually want to work out! I've been attending Phatty Nattie's now since November 2011 and have seen differences not only in my body but in my attitude! I'm much happier! Phatty Nattie's is so welcoming and encouraging. I wish I could come every day. I have signed up for 2 classes back-to-back 3 times a week, and it's truly amazing. Thank you, Phatty Nattie's and my wonderful instructor, Maria, for really pushing me. When I didn't think I could do it, you knew I could. Now I know I can! Thank you!

February 2012

It was a great first day of class for me this morning—looking forward to my next class! Phatty Nattie's is such a fun spot to work out (awesome instructor—Renae and fun classmates!), and I'm so glad I can say, "I go to Phatty Nattie's!"

January 2012

We have a great class full of supportive, fun people. They always cheer you on and help you laugh when you think you're about to give up. Pump Up has changed my body like no other exercise I've ever done. It has made me stronger, and it has made it easier to engage in other forms of activity. Natalie is the best instructor. She always does everything you're doing; she has great rhythm, picks fun music, and is encouraging without being annoying. She just genuinely seems like she wants you to do well and is sure that you can, even if you aren't sure you can do it at all. All the people in our 7:15 Pump Up class bring a passion and sense of humor with them that makes the hour just fly by. I'm so glad I found Phatty Nattie's. Yay!

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